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Incentive 4 nights

Day 1 – Welcome and lagoon exploration

Welcome at the airport. Hotel transfer. Lunch at the hotel.

Kayak and / or paddle ride
Come to discover and enjoy the seabed on the island in a brand new transparent boat called Molokini.

Be ready to live a magic and fun experience, in couple or family, and admire fishes and corals passing before your eyes. Children and adults can observe the beauty of our seabed by renting kayaks on their owns or with a group.

LUX Saint-Gilles
Balade en kayak
Balade en paddle

You will be supervised by a professional guide that will show you the wildlife in the best and safer conditions. Children, adults, individuals or families will live a fantastic and ecological experience of the beauty of the lagoon as if you were facing an aquarium. With a waterproof plate, you will be able to identify the different areas where the corals and fish are living.

Dinner and overnight at the LUX* Saint-Gilles.

Day 2 – Flying over and hiking in Mafate

This excursion provides plenty of activities: this intense day will begin with going up through the bed of the impressive River Rollers in 4×4 in order to reach the site of Two-Arm, the entrance of the Cirque of Mafate.

Accompanied by your guide, you will reach the islet of Cayenne after a two hours walk. Once there, an authentic carry will be served at the lodge. After the lunch, a helicopter will pick you up there and lead you from the sky through this beautiful cirque before reaching the airfield.

Balade dans le cirque de Mafate
Carry traditionnel
Randonnée hélicoptère

Dinner and overnight at the LUX* Saint-Gilles.

Day 3 – Tropical Challenge in the East

Departure to the north of the island, taking the coastal road to Saint-Denis, the capital. Thereafter, you discover the real face of the East coast: it’s an intensive farming of sugar cane district, its population in majority of Indian Tamil origin stems fromthousands of volunteers, “imported” for harvest after the Abolition of Slavery in 1848. One of the evocative signs of this Tamil culture is thenumber of the colourful temples built here and there. You can admire the outside architecture of the “Temple du Petit Bazar” in Saint-André. On the way you’ll stop at the Niagara Cascade, a real open-air theatre. You also discover the fantastic story of the famous “Bourbon Vanilla” by visiting a vanilla plantation. This orchid grows from St-André to Sainte-Rose.

Then, you’ll enter in the largest, the greenest and the wettest cirque of the three (owing to its windward position). Salazie, a refuge of fugitive slaves or “runaways” was late colonized. Inviolate for a long time, this cirque is accessible by the only hemmed road running along Rivière du Mât”.
You find very quickly an imposing garden of verdure and cascades, in particular the “Voile de la Mariée” (wedding veil). Its charm derives from the existing harmony between its waters flowing down a hundredcascades, its omnipresent lush vegetation, its imposing relief made softer by all the greenery, and the man-made buildings that blend in with the landscape.

Temple Tamoule de Champ Borne
Case Cérole Hell-Bourg
Oiseau de paradis

Everything grows there, but you’ll notice in particular banana trees, bamboos and various vegetables cultivation like watercress, and the most well known is “chouchou”, imported from Mexico in 1840. Arrival to Hell-Bourg: the village was awarded in 1998 the title for one of the most beautiful village of France for the quality and genuine character of the place. It has been built up around hydropathical sources, which brought to this cirque its fame until its permanent closure due to mass fallen rocks in 1848.

After a Creole lunch, direction to the Mélissa plantation near Saint-Benoit for a challenge and tasting around tropical fruits. Dinner at Copacabana – Restaurant by the sea. A nice bar and a beach facing the beautiful lagoon of La Saline, the largest on the island. Possibility of getting there by bus or on foot. Privatization of space possible. The aperitif and the meal will be served to you in front of the sea. Let yourself be carried away by the breeze.

Percussion and folk troupe with dancers Overnight at the LUX* Saint-Gilles.

Day 4 – Volcano treasure hunt

In search of the treasure of La Buse.
Reception of the participants: 9:00 on the site. Security briefing before the departure: Perimeter of evolution, time of return to the station, telephone numbers of the monitors...

Departure: Phased departure of the teams. Duration of the activity: 3 hours in total. End of activity: 13h00. Lunch in a restaurant in Bourg Murat. Description: The « Treasure Hunt » is for each team (2 to 4 people) to walk a circuit on which is hidden 4 tags, represented on a map that will be provided.

Using card reading techniques previously seen during an introduction to mapping, the teams will punch their card with clips attached to the tags. After 2 hours of research each team will give back their card accompanied by the punched card.
Each good punched tag will give a clue or give right to a question that will decide the teams. This outdoor activity combines a playful physical activity, a moment of conviviality, cohesion, and the discovery of orientation techniques.

Temple Tamoule de Champ Borne
plaine des sable - Volcan Réunion
Lux restaurant St-Gilles

Technical notes: The activity is open to any person in good health, from 8 years old and of any level Take a bag per team minimum, with 2 liters of water per person, high protection sunscreen, energy bars, warm clothing and rain gear, headgear and a mobile phone.

Closing dinner and overnight at LUX * Saint-Gilles.

Day 5 – Street market in tuk-tuk and departure

Tuk-tuk shuttle to the L’Hermitage street market.

Lunch with drinks In the late afternoon, transfer to the airport and departure.

Restaurant plage
Navette tuk-tuk
Lychee Réunion